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Angwafo Law Offices has been representing clients with issues in Immigration Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law for 20+ years. Today, our primary focus and concentration is on Immigration litigation. We can provide you with in–depth knowledge of Immigration Law and represent you with your Marriage and Fiancé(e) Petitions; VAWA Abuse cases; Citizenship & Naturalization Cases; Your Appeal Cases at the BIA; Consular Processing Cases; defend your interests at the Immigration Court before the EOIR and a plethora of other areas in Immigration Law.

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including Marriage and Fiancé(e) Petitions, VAWA Abuse cases, Citizenship & Naturalization Cases, Appeal Cases at the BIA, Consular Processing Cases, and more.

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including divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and more.including divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and more.

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including drug crimes, DUI/OUI, assault, theft, and more. We provide skilled legal advocacy to help protect our clients' rights and obtain the best possible outcome for their case.

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